Mr. Lal dingliana, Indian Foreign Service (Retd)

Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)

Mizoram Information Commission


Name                                :   LAL  DINGLIANA, Indian Foreign Service  (IFS) Rtd
Date of Birth                   :   14/03/1952 at Lunglei, Mizoram.   
Marital Status                :   Married;
 Spouse:Laldinpuii; has 3 sons and one daughter.

Parents                            :   Father :Upa Lal Chungnunga (L) Formerly Dy. Inspector ;
                                             Inspector of Schools ; Dy. Director of Education and 

                                             President Mizoram Board of School Education.

                                             Mother : Sapsiami.

Permanent Address         :    Macdonald Hill, Zarkawt, Aizawl. MIZORAM



  •   Dawrpui Primary School Aizawl:He got Merit Scholarship in the Lower Primary

       School   (Class III)Examinations of the whole District in 1960.

  •   Boys Middle English School, SikulpuiKawn, Aizawl (1961).

  •   Dawrpui Middle English (M.E) School, Aizawl(1962-63): He attained 2nd

       position in the  whole District M.E Examinations of 1963 and got Merit Scholarship.

  •   Dr. Graham’s Home
 (School) Kalimpong; North Bengal (1964-65)

  •   St Paul’s High School Aizawl (1966-for few months  only and was unable to

       continue due  to the  political disturbances in Mizoram)


   •   Haflong Government High School (1966-68).Passed Matriculation Examinations

       in 1st Division and he got All Assam Merit Scholarship.

  •   St. Edmund’s College Shillong
(1968-69)    : Pre University Science Course.

  •   St Edmund’s College Shillong (1969-72)    : Bachelor of Arts (BA) in 1972 

  •   Hindu College, Delhi University (1972-74) : completed Master of Arts ](MA) 

      Political Science in 1974.

SERVICE  PARTICULAR:              


          •   1974-Immediately after MA he sat for Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)   Combined Examinations in 1974 and qualified for all the Services and joined his

first option     -   Indian Foreign Service (IFS).


         •   July 1975 - As 1975 Batch of Indian Foreign Service (IFS), he joined the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi Attended the Foundation Course at the Lal Bahadur  Shastri’s National Academy for Administration, Mussourie.


          •   July 1975 to Sept 1977 - IFS Probationer/Attache (United Nations & Protocol) in the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi; Was the Assistant Commissioner, Khasi Hills  District,Shillong and the Assistant Commissioner, Simla. Did Military Attachment in Uri  Sector in Jammu & Kashmir and attended several training courses.

          •   Sept 1977 to Apr 1979 -Third Secretary ( Language Trainee & Political ) / Passed his Compulsory Foreign Language- ‘Russian’ ) ;Second Secretary (Political) in the 

Embassy of India, Moscow (at that time Capital of  Soviet Union)

          •   Apr 1979 to Aug 1982- Second Secretary/First Secretary [Political, Commercial and i/c  Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and Organization of African Union (OAU now AU)  and Head of Chancery in the Embassy of India in Addis Ababa, (Ethiopia) Represented India at the Preparatory Committee for the Conference of Economic Commission for  Africa, held in Sierra Leone.

          •   Sep 1982 to May 1985-First Secretary
 (Commercial & Economic) in Embassy of India in  Bonn (at that time Capital of  West Germany)                     .

            •  June 1985 to Oct 1988-First Secretary
 (Economic & Commercial / Administration ) and Head of Chancery in Embassy of India in Kabul (Afghanistan) Was the Secretary of the Indian Association in Kabul. Was also i/c of  the two Indian Schools as well as the Embassy  Commissary.

          •   1986 - Special assignment
 to Delhi from Kabul as the Deputy Chief Liaison Officer for the Non–Aligned Coordinating Bureau.


          •   Oct 1988 to July 1990-Officer on Special Duty (OSD) / Director of the Northern Division  in the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, dealing with Bhutan, Nepal as well as the  affairs of Tibetans and H.H. Dalai Lama

          •   Jul 1990 to May 1993- Deputy Consul General
 in the Consulate General of India in Sydney   (Australia) .

          •   Aug 1993 to Jul 1997, Counsellor/Minister (Diplomatic rank) in the Embassy of India, Dublin (Ireland). Was elected 4 times as the President of Dublin Diplomatic Association  (DDA).

          •   April 1995 - promoted to Grade III of Indian Foreign Service (IFS)  ( the rank of  Joint Secretary to Govt. of India)

          •   Aug 1997 to Sept 2000 - Appointed Ambassador of India to Slovak Republic at Embassy  of India, Bratislava.

          •   October  2000 to September  2003-Appointed High Commissioner of India to Namibia at  High Commission of India, Windhoek.

          •   2003 to 2004 - Joint Secretary
/Director General at the Foreign Service Institute and from  2004 to 2006 Joint Secretary (Technical Cooperation) in the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.  In 2005  Represented India as Leader of Indian Delegation for the“South-South Cooperation Meeting”at the United Nations in New York and made a Statement on behalf  of India.  He was  also Member of two Member Delegates to G-77 meeting in Havana, Cuba  and  Member of  Indian  Ministerial delegation to  G-77+ China Meeting in Doha, Qatar.

          •   July 2006 to Sept 2009-Appointed Ambassador of India to Bulgaria
 at Embassy of India,  Sofia from 25th July 2006 to September 2009. He was also concurrently accredited as  Ambassador of India to Republic of Macedonia.

          •   In  October 2006  was promoted to Grade-II of Indian Foreign Service (IFS)   (the rank of  Additional Secretary to Govt. of India )

          •   In September 2008 was promoted to the highest level in the Indian Foreign Service i.e  Grade-I of IFS ( the rank of Secretary to Govt. of India).He is  the first and, so far, the only  Mizo Indian Foreign Service Officer to reach this level.

          •   Oct 2009 to July 2011-Appointed Ambassador of India to Venezuela. He was. Concurrently accredited 
as the Consul General of India to the islands Countries of Curacao, Aruba, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba in the Caribbean Sea.

          •   31 July 2011-
On being selected for the Post of the State Chief Information Commissioner of the Mizoram Information Commission, with the approval of the Competent Authorities in Government of India he took Voluntary Retirement (V R)  from the Indian Foreign Service (8 months before  his due date of retirement).


           •   Mr. Dingliana having attained the highest level in the Indian Foreign Service i.e Grade I of IFS 

              (the rank of Secretary to Government of India), on his retirement,he and his wife have been  awarded the privilege of retaining their Diplomatic Passports for lifetime [ the privilege given only to Officers, (and their spouses) who have attained the highest level in the Indian Foreign Service i.e Grade-I of IFS]. He and his wife are the first and,so far, the only Mizos, who have  been awarded this privilege.

          •   On 8th August 2011, he took Oath of Office of the State Chief Information Commissioner,
 which was administered by the former Governor of Mizoram, Hon’ble Lt Gen M.M.Lakhera. 




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