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4,222 RTI applications in Mizoram since 2006

Aizawl : Mizoram Information Commission (MIC) and the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) -Mizoram Regional Branch yesterday organized a workshop on Right to Information Act-2005 at Zarkawt YMA Recreation Centre Hall here in Aizawl. Mizoram Chief Information Commissioner Lal Dingliana gave a detailed explanation on the meaning and implication of RTI Act-2005 and how it came to be used in India and Mizoram. “In Mizoram, from 2006-2007 till August 20 this year, 4,222 RTI applications have been received,” he said.

Stating that this legislation was formulated with the objective that the common people in a true democratic government may know the government systems, he said the RTI is being used in 90 countries in the world.

“RTI is a tool by which the people may help prevent corruption and misuse of power by the elected representatives as well as the government servants. It is also a law by which one may seek information related to the government,” the Chief Information Commissioner said.

Lal Dingliana also said that in order to make the most use of the RTI, the people on their part need to know all the rules associated with it, adding, in this connection, RTI Awareness Campaign has been organized a number of times within the State. He also mentioned that in partnership with Information and Public Relations (I&PR) Department, RTI Week has been organized since 2011 in Aizawl and other District Headquarters.

To widen the knowledge of the people and the government workers, Guidelines for State Public Information Officers and Information Seekers/Appplicants, Guidelines for Public Authorities- State Public Information Officers and State Assistant Public Information Officers, Guidelines for Information Seekers/Appplicants and Guidelines for Public Authorities: DAAs; SPIOs; SAPIOs have been published in the form of booklet by Mizoram CIC, he added.
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